Five mistakes we all make on Valentine’s Day

Single friends look away now. With Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, plenty of you will be looking for the perfect present for your better half. It’s not always a case of splashing the cash though, as the pressure of February 14th can sometimes ruin the best laid plans…

Although Mark and I haven’t celebrated anything about February 14th for the past three years – this Thursday we’re going to my mums for a Chinese – plenty of us feel the need to ‘impress’ our other halves on this special day of the year.

Life coach Carole Ann Rice argues differently. She believes that people should instead focus on simply being the best version of themselves. Here, she shares the five Valentine’s Day mistakes that many of us are guilty of.

Making assumptions

Despite what adverts may say, not everyone wants a box of chocolates, a bottle of prosecco and a teddy bear with a love message. Rather than blindly following clichés and making assumptions, be thoughtful and buy a gift that means something.

Booking a lavish meal

While it may be tempting to book a in for some posh nosh, it’s unlikely to be the romantic occasion you are hoping for. Restaurants are likely to be more expensive on Valentine’s Day while also being extremely busy. Rather than booking a meal at a restaurant, cook something at home or go out at a later date.

Big gestures

Romance doesn’t have to involve grand gestures and lavish expressions of romance. Your partner may not want roses delivered to the office or other public declarations of love; they can be embarrassing and lead to the feelings of resentment rather than romance. Keep the gestures private and intimate!

Thinking that you MUST do something

Some people don’t like Valentine’s Day and the pressures that it brings with it. Don’t be offended if your partner doesn’t like it; it’s just a construct and it can lead to people feeling under unnecessary pressure.  Rather than doing something on the day, wait to do something later down the line or just regularly show each other how much you love one another.

Getting all dressed up

This one particularly applies to all my fellow ladies out there, who may get dressed up for a ‘bit of a do’, only for their partner to turn up in a t-shirt and jeans – we’ve all been there. The truth is, your partner may not even notice your outfit, so be yourself and don’t feel like you must be someone else. It’s only Valentine’s Day, not your wedding!

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