It’s official – working makes you fat

I know, that’s a misleading headline if ever you saw one. Talk about clickbait. But apparently, office feeders are causing us to consume over 32,000 extra calories each year.

According to research, office snacking is causing Brits to gain over ½ stone annually – and I can believe it! Only last week I had a muffin for breakfast and lemon slice for lunch. It’s hardly ideal when I can barely squeeze into my summer wardrobe as it is…

I’m probably not alone either. Over half of those surveyed said that cake was the most-consumed office treat. Closely followed by chocolate, biscuits, sweets, and crisps. The thing is though, if it was your birthday and you brought a fruit platter in for the celebrations, you’d likely be celebrating alone.

Even though I have no wiggle-room in my Wranglers, I probably join the 80% of Brits who openly admit to tucking into the tasty treats – when I’m supposed to be dieting. So once the snacks are under our noses, what stops us from just saying no?

Well, LighterLife found that 69% admit to snacking at work because they feel bored, 65% due to stress and 30% believe that if they turn down the offer of treats like biscuits and cake at work, it leads to a tiff with their colleagues. 

Thankfully, the Scriba PR massive know what it’s like to be on a deadline. So, with my diet deadline looming, I’m sure they won’t mind if I pass the cake for a carrot stick. Yummy.

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