Five steps to glossier skin

Well hello there Vitybox…
you look like a bit of me.

Everyone wants the glossy, healthy looking skin that we see in the magazines and on our Instagram feeds. Okay, so I admit, much of that is down to great lighting and some crafty post-photo editing, but it’s true you know – glossy skin is actually easy to achieve.

According to those clever folks at Vitybox – the creators of the world’s first 15ML shot that caters to all of your beauty needs, yes really – you can be the proud owner of beautiful, glossy skin in just five, simple steps.

Drink plenty of water – this goes without saying. The importance of water for our skin cannot be overstated. H2O is essential to just about every function that our cells and bodies perform, and is 100% necessary for a youthful-looking complexion.

Avoid harsh soaps – avoid scrubbing your face with harsh, chemical-ridden soaps and instead use gentle exfoliating products with high-quality, natural ingredients. Personally, I swear by Dermalogica these days.

Limit hot water – sorry to break this to you bath-lovers, but – as paradoxical as it may seem – using large amounts of hot water on your skin can dehydrate it, leaving it feeling dry and flaky. I can confirm that, having spent all winter in the bath and now sporting shins which look like snakeskin.

Control stress – stress causes your skin to produce hormones like Cortisol, which tell your skin to make more oil – not something you want if you’re looking for healthy, glossy skin!

Watch your sun exposure – yes, you want a tan in time for the shorts and crop top weather, but make sure your skin is protected against the potentially damaging effects of UV rays. It’s important to note that these rays can even reach you when you’re indoors or in your car, so stay mindful and keep reapplying sunblock throughout the day!

Well, now that I know that, I should hopefully stay looking 31 forever!

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