Five things facial aesthetics won’t do for you

Let’s face it, a little tweak here and there doesn’t do any harm. Heck, you only need to watch one of the myriads of reality TV shows, to see that some of the characters appearing on screen are anything but real.

While I’m a partial to a little ‘help’ myself, there is still a common misconception that facial aesthetics are the saviour of all your problems – which is perhaps why so many take it that step too far.

If you’re thinking about your first treatment or your fiftieth, here The Botulinum Toxin Club shares five key things to remember.

It won’t change your lifestyle – getting any treatments to your face may give you a boost in confidence but it will not change your lifestyle. While we all want a better life, facial aesthetics won’t change any relationships you have, it won’t affect your career or job prospects and it won’t make you any more money.

It’s not permanent – a common misconception for facial aesthetics is that all the procedures are permanent. The truth is, the only permanent treatments are surgical. The effects of facial aesthetics are temporary and will wear off after about 4 – 6 months. Facial treatments are not a one off, to maintain your look you need them 3 to 4 times a year.

It won’t give you the frozen look – there’s a myth that getting any facial work done will freeze your face completely. Again, this isn’t true, as facial aesthetics will not give you that stiff look – so you can still do things like frowning, raising your eyebrows or winking!

It won’t improve your mood – there have been no conclusive studies that have proven getting any facial aesthetics will improve your mood.

It certainly won’t reverse aging – sorry everyone, but the truth of the matter is, it’s important that we make sure we look after our skin throughout our lives – because there’s no turning back the clock to fix it.

Facial aesthetic treatments won’t reverse any aging to the skin, this also includes and any damage caused by the sun. The treatments received act as way of freezing time to prevent any further aging or damage rather than reversing it.

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