Mama Got This: A new kind of networking for businesswomen

Now, I’m one of those people who think that by focusing on banging that ‘I’m a woman and I’m doing something,’ drum, is one of the main culprits of widening the modern male/female divide. However, I’ve read about a new collective called ‘Mama Got This’ – and I rather like it.

Recently, I cleared out my Instagram account of all those people who make me feel – frankly – pretty darn rubbish. Photos of a perfect life, perfect body and perfect life balance was enough to have me questioning whether my own, simple existence was in fact enough.

Should I constantly strive to only #EatVegan and look like a Victoria’s Secret model? Do I need to be posting a stunning scenic image at least once per week? Have I really eaten anything today if my avo-toast isn’t on social media? (Great for helping with point one mind you.)

Recently, it’s been out with the energy-sappers and in with the positivity-dispensers. And, I’m loving Mama Got This. It’s like a girl group, a new kind of tribe for the 21st century, a community of ladies who support each other, empower each other, and celebrate every woman’s success.


It’s the brain-baby of Fran and Abi, two ladies who know all about the pressures and rewards of being self-employed working mums. Neither wanted to go back to the 9-5 city-life after becoming mums, preferring to carve out little niches where they could do their own thing and spend lots of time with their children.

But as well as experiencing the highs of being your own boss, Fran and Abi know that following your passion -whatever that may be – can be stressful and lonely. And that’s why Mama Got This organises a number of monthly meetups per month for its members, complete with plenty of coffee, gorgeous food, and the odd cream cake. (Goodbye Insta-body for another month).

Mama Got This isn’t about exclusion or exclusivity. It’s about support, collaboration, and celebration. Because you know what they say: when women work together, amazing things happen. Check ‘em out here.

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