Top tips to increase self-esteem

As humans we are usually very good at supporting our colleagues, friends and family in times of need and can offer positive reassurances from the heart.  However, more often than not we don’t value or love ourselves as much as we should and the advice we give to others we don’t freely administer to ourselves.

Here, Tristan Lee, The Gorgeousness Coach, offers his top tips on how to improve self-esteem.

Be honest with yourself – A lot of people cover the cracks by pretending they are happy, acting the class clown or painting a picture of a flawless life.  However, smoothing over the cracks won’t mend them.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone and share your feelings.  Holding emotions in can create a pressure cooker effect and eventually it will become too much before you need to let off steam – literally.  Sharing feelings as they occur means they can be dealt with in bite-sized chunks.

Check in with yourself – Take time to check how you feel on a day-to-day basis, both mentally and physically.  If something aches or niggles address it that day.  By recognising this on a daily basis you begin to build a stronger relationship with yourself and know when you need to take action.

Challenge your thoughts – It is easy to tell anyone not to think negative thoughts about themselves, however, practising this can be easier said than done.  Focus on the parts of you that are truly amazing and that you adore.  Learning to love these elements creates a substantial cornerstone that can be built upon.  When a person feels good about themselves it shines from within like a beacon of light to the outside world. Glow for it!

Be a happy eater – Ever heard the expression ‘mood food’?  What we put in our bodies has a direct correlation to how we feel.  Opt for raw nutritious foods like avocados that are packed with good fats which are great for the skin and the mind.  The reverse can be said for the likes of alcohol.  Although people might feel temporarily better and happy after a glass or two of their favourite tipple, it is a depressant and can have a negative impact on mood in the long term.

Get physical – If you’re stressed, had a bad day at work or are generally feeling blue, try using that negative energy productively and apply it to exercise.  It could be a brisk walk, a relaxing yoga session or even a bike ride – but whatever you choose remember that a workout helps the brain release natural ‘feel good’ chemicals known to boost mood.  A keep fit regime is therefore good for both the body and mind!

Sleep tight – Try to get a good night’s sleep.  Some people need more shut eye then others, however, whether you need five or nine hours rest, what is important is the quality of the sleep.  Try to avoid light leaks through curtains or blinds, and keep the room at the optimum temperature of 19-21°C.  Experts say it’s easier to drop off if the room is cool, rather than warm.  A lack of quality sleep has a direct affect on mood as it can cause irritability and mental exhaustion.

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